Digital Arts Festival

Powell, Amstad & Eknæs present “aƒ93 : Fluctuate More Wildly”

Part H!-sensitive film, part hyper-synthetic musical performance, aƒ93 is the first physical folder to emerge in the world since a ƒolder opened in 2020. Since then, the polyphonic outputting organism has continuously bundled artworks, films, music, images and virtual performances into folders, which are made available to the public as a library, platform, bank, game, resource, black hole or white screen that inflates and deflates as it pleases. 

Oscar Powell is an artist, musician and label-owner living and working in London. Under the Powell alias, he earned acclaim with a series of EPs on his own Diagonal Records, an imprint he created in 2011 to distribute short runs of hand-stamped records. The label has since grown to incorporate over 60 physical and digital releases, many of them made iconic by Guy Featherstone’s visual direction for the label, and remains influential in the overlap between music, fine art and performance. He released dance-oriented music on indie-giant XL Recordings, as well as his first album proper, ‘Sport’, an outspoken critique of entrenched narcissism in a post-EDM age. This was followed in 2018 by a collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artist and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. More recently, his HD hyper-audio compositional work draws on ongoing research in mathematics, Deleuzian thought and the natural world. He continues to tour live all over the world, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with Tillmans, Lorenzo Senni [Editions Mego, Warp] and Russell Haswell [Mute, Warp, Diagonal, Editions Mego].

Michael Amstad is a filmmaker, video designer and animator based in Berlin. He operates in different constellations in art, music and film, creating short films, video installations and music videos. As part of the production company Hylas Film, he is making a stop motion animation series titled Circus, due to be completed in 2023.

Marte Eknæs is a visual artist based in Berlin and Oslo. She works in a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, digital collage, text and video. Her practice is largely context based and she often works in collaborations with other artists or cross-disciplinary. In 2019 she launched the web platform formsofflexibility.space (FOF), which continues to develop with her own and others’ contributions.

In their ongoing collaboration Amstad and Eknæs draw from their individual practices and observations of the urban and virtual sphere to create video works that combine the fields of moving imagery and sculpture.