Digital Arts Festival

3 immersive installations ㊉ MIRA Digital Art Gallery


MIRA Digital Arts Festival, held from 10 to 12 of November at Fabra i Coats, closes the program of its sixth edition with three large-scale immersive installations -created exclusively for the festival- and MIRA’s Digital Art Gallery: an art gallery , in which digital works of some of the visual artists who will perform in MIRA 2016 will be presented.
The festival expands the exhibition spaces in the factory occupying more than 1,000m2 dedicated exclusively to digital arts; art installations will be at Sala Bota  and two new spaces: Sala Godard and Sala Turquesa, while the MIRA Digital Art Gallery is located at the Contemporary Art Center  (CAC) in Fabra i Coats.
The installations, all from design studios in Barcelona with great international projection, as well as MIRA’s Digital Art Gallery can be visited on the 11th  and 12th of November in Fabra i Coats.
MIRA 2016 scheduled more than 30 activities focused on music and live visuals: 20 audiovisual shows, 13 premieres in Spain and five exclusive shows curated by the festival-, 3 Fulldome 360, 3 installations, 4 conferences 2 screenings and MIRA’s digital Art Gallery. Thursday 10th of November will be free. See the complete schedule of MIRA 2016 here.

Large scale art installations

Barcelonian creative studio Hamill Industries presents Vortex, a geometric array of light boxes and smoke suspended in the ceiling reacting to sound. The boxes are activated in sync brightening and creating swirls of smoke that flood the entire space, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.
Barcelonian design studio Onionlab presents Al_Vectors, an immersive installation that plays with the artificial intelligence of robots and the search of light. The connection between a laser and robotic arms movements create geometric patterns that flood the space, creating playful reflections.
adidas NMD Room presents “Cluster” by Playmodes. The transdisciplinary studio focused on digital creativity, presents Cluster, an immersive audiovisual installation adapted to one of the rooms of Fabra i Coats. The installation geometrically adapted to the space by lighting instruments that generate an audiovisual speech in real time, transforming the space into something abstract through light and sound.

MIRA’S Digital Art Gallery

MIRA 2016 inaugurates its first Digital Art Gallery, a gallery of digital art which will present a selection of digital works of nine national and international visual artists participating in this year’s festival. MIRA’S Digital Art Gallery will feature the work of Boldtron (ES), Entter (ÉS), Eyesberg (ÉESS), Dave Gaskarth (UK), Florence To (UK), Jem the Misfit (NZL), Konx-on-Pax (DE), Marcel Bagó (ES) and Onionlab (ES).
The MIRA Digital Art Gallery follows a traditional museum format in which digital artworks that are difficult to see in a gallery will be  exposed. A space for contemplation of the current visual culture.