11v151131_M06 presents 1v14C1111vE. F2R ARTIFACTS


11v151131_M06 is an audiovisual artist who is dedicated to researching and exploring the fields of AI and physical computing. With a particular interest in computer-generated imagery, he creates imaginary worlds that he calls “the archaeology of the future”. He is also the founder of Hyperfuturism, a global collective of digital artists that seeks to push the boundaries of creative consciousness. He was part of New Media Art and Technology Studios, and carried out projects in Europe, America and Asia.

Premiere in Europe, 1v14C1111vE. F2R ARTIFACTS is a visual installation in which the artist, uses AI (machine learning) and generative algorithms, to create images that offer a vision of a parallel reality. Inspired by rituals from diverse cultures, the artist explores imaginary narratives and timelines. The fusion of rituals, ancient artefacts and digital interventions generates a visual dialogue that reflects on our relationship with the past and the future, blurring the boundaries between the authentic and the fabricated.