Shanghai-born producer and visual artist 33EMYBW, an active exponent of the Chinese music scene, has been pushing experimental club music in new and exciting directions for more than a decade.

Drawing inspiration from modern dance music, folk and a wide range of visual materials, 33EMYBW has gradually refined conceptual elements blended into a formula that combines a highly personal rhythm with impressive experimental sound designs. Her album Golem (2018), released on SVBKVLT, was a great critical success and received accolades from the likes of Kode9, Desto, Akito and 8ulentina, among others. Her follow-up, arthropods (2019), revisits the posthuman and evolutionary themes she explored earlier, and experiments with rhythms on a longer time scale.

33EMYBW is also a core member of Shanghai’s best-known experimental rock/electronic band, Duck Fight Goose (YADAE).