700 Bliss


Saturday 09, Nov

700 Bliss’ sounds and words are the embodiment of struggle and social alienation in an unjust world. A luminous force to be reckoned with, the experimental club project comprised of Philadelphia-based artists and activists Moor Mother and DJ Haram have been smashing through the walls of the patriarchy, racism and injustice since the duo paired up creatively via the Philly underground in 2014. 

Widely recognised sonic/political instigators in their own right, the fruits of their collective practice—with Moor Mother on the mic and Haram on production—eventually took the form of their “Spa 700” EP. Released through Rabit’s trailblazing Halcyon Veil label and Don Giovanni Records in 2018, its five tracks deliver a message that’s both from the past and of the future, as the duo reenvision rap, noise, folk and club music through the use of modulated and distorted percussion, blown-out synths and obscure samples, channeling the intensity, anxiety, sounds and words of the now.