No one in this world sounds like Aïsha Devi. A truly unique and insurrectionary artist, her sonic arsenal composed of pounding beats and rave stabs, mystical linguistics, digital mantras and healing frequencies – all guided by her voice – makes her a force for good to be reckoned with.

Co-founder of the Danse Noire label collective and formerly known as Kate Wax, the Swiss-born, half-Tibetan producer and avant-garde vocalist creates music that is both spiritual and radical, breaking down sonic and socio-cultural barriers in the process. Through applying meditation techniques and channeling ritualistic practices, she generates transcendent and interdimensional experiences through her live performances.

Devi will be presenting a brand new A/V show, premiered at MIRA Berlin, with live visual work by one of her closest collaborators, French photographer and visual artist Emile Barret, together creating an emotionally and spatially disruptive audiovisual occurrence. In turn, she will also be presenting her new album “DNA Feelings”, out May 11 on Houndstooth.

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