Amnesia Scanner ‘s world is a weird and eerie one: a reflection of our own through a black mirror covered in fluorescent slime in which what’s “real” and what isn’t become one and the same. The Berlin-based production house, performing arts group and “Xperienz design” studio was created by Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, whose approaches are informed by a unique perspective on technology and the way it mediates contemporary experience.

Following a series of mind-bending EPs, performances, mixtapes, video pieces and an audio play, Amnesia Scanner recently released their debut album “Another Life” on Berlin label PAN: an avant-EDM opus exploding with cutting edge club production and featuring a human voice performed by Pan Daijing and an inhuman, disembodied voice called Oracle.

As part of the PAN showcase on Thursday, 8th November, at MIRA 2018, Amnesia Scanner will present the Spanish premiere of their new A/V show, “AS Oracle”, featuring the aforementioned virtual performer. A one-way voyage into the AS rabbit hole awaits.

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