Ash Koosha


⏱️ Friday 10

Ash Koosha is an artist of many talents. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, musician, pioneer of virtual reality (he was the first to release an album with VR support) and a film director born in Iran and resident in the UK, his unquestionable talent first came to light with the launch of ‘GUUD’ (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2015). With ‘I AKA I’ (Ninja Tune, 2016) he firmly established his signature sound that brilliantly combines his Persian roots with British garage, all with first class arrangements.
Proof of his unstoppable and excellent productions skills, the Iranian artist is composing material for his third album, which he will premiere in his performance at MIRA 2017 accompanied by visuals. A unique opportunity to see a live performance from a talent who many consider one of the greatest of his generation.