ATOM ™ presents DEEP STATE


There is no one quite like Uwe Schmidt. With an impressive career and output spanning more than 30 years, the Munich-born, Chile-based composer, musician and producer has never ceased to amaze us with his countless projects and aliases over the years, including Atom Heart, Señor Coconut, Geeez ‘N’ Gosh and Flanger (with Burnt Friedmann).

Under his Atom™ guise, Schmidt has become one of the most influential artists in contemporary AV creation, releasing work consistently since ’00 and amassing a mind-blowing discography, including various albums and EPs on trail-blazing German label Raster-Noton. His latest record “Beauty >> Forward”, released through his own AtomTM_Audio_Archive, is a previously unreleased album produced in 1994 which sounds as ground-breaking today as it did back then, proof that Schmidt has always been ahead of his time.

At MIRA 2018, Atom™ will present his most recent A/V show “Deep State”: a dynamic, mathematical and real-time generated show representative of the Raster-Noton aesthetic and that has continued to evolve since he premiered it in the spring of this year.

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