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For as long as recording and communications technologies have existed, operators have evoked the potential of sound, infrasound and ultrasound to access anomalous zones of transmission between the realms of the living and the dead. Stemming from this idea and how it relates to the concept of hauntology, the AUDINT group has been researching peripheral sonic perception (unsound) and the ways in which frequencies are utilised to modulate our understanding of presence/non-presence, entertainment/torture, and ultimately, life/death. 

Obsidisorium is a multi-sensory installation that expands AUDINT’s Unsound:Undead anthology publication into an augmented/diminished immersive experience. The installation reveals how the sonic nurtures new dimensions in which the real and the imagined bleed into one another, where actual sonic events collide with spatiotemporal anomalies and time-travelling entities, and where the unsound serves to summon the undead.

AUDINT—an abbreviation of Audio Intelligence—is a research cell that conducts theoretical and artistic experiments at the peripheral zones of sound, while investigating their impact on psychological and physiological states. The group currently consists of Steve Goodman aka Kode9 (author, producer and head of Hyperdub), Eleni Ikoniadou (writer, theorist and practitioner), Patrick Defasten (digital artist), Souzanna Zamfe (futurity and sonology researcher) and Toby Heys (digital research fellow). 

The site-specific installation at MIRA 2019 will be a worldwide premiere.