AUDINT presents Unsound : Undead


Thursday 07, Nov

For as long as recording and communications technologies have existed, operators have evoked the potential of sound, infrasound and ultrasound to access anomalous zones of transmission between the realms of the living and the dead. For the past ten years the AUDINT group has been researching these peripheries of sonic perception (unsound) and the portals they open to new dimensions, activating a continual intersection between fiction and fact, and pressuring thought to become something other than what it has been.

AUDINT members Steve Goodman aka Kode9 (author, producer and head of Hyperdub), Eleni Ikoniadou (writer, theorist and practitioner) and Toby Heys (digital research fellow) will present spoken word readings/video/sound from their new anthology “Unsound : Undead”, published by Urbanomic in 2019. The 64 short essays in this volume probe how unsound serves to activate the undead, mapping out a zigzagging timeline stretching from the 8th century BC and speculatively extending into 2057. This presentation will serve as a reflection of their world-exclusive “Obsidisorium” installation.