Avalon Emerson ‘s sound is that of the desert. Born surrounded by the mysterious Sonoran landscapes of Arizona, their dreamlike expanse and abstract textures have no doubt found their way into her sonic approach and aesthetic. Currently based in Berlin, she cut her teeth as a DJ in San Francisco’s warehouse party scene, the energy of both cities clearly transmitted through her work.

With her DJ sets and celebrated productions released on labels such as Whities, Spectral Sound and Shtum, she conjures a timeless narrative that reflects her passion for the raw sounds of new wave, the futurism of techno, the soul of American house and the spirit of rave. Emerson also runs her own DJ tool edit pool: Cybernedits.

She will grant us the honour of playing the closing set at MIRA 2018, accompanied by visual work by her long-time collaborator, Jason Voltaire. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate it all.