Beatrice Dillon


Saturday 09, Nov

Beatrice Dillon is a London-based producer, artist and DJ whose work strikes the perfect balance between the organic and the synthetic, creating high definition electro-acoustic body and mind music with percussive strength, precise sonic detail and emotional sensibility.

With acclaimed solo releases, remixes and collaborations across labels such as Hessle Audio, The Trilogy Tapes, PAN, Boomkat Editions, RVNG Intl., Timedance, Where To Now? and RVNG Intl, Dillon is also known for her far-reaching DJ sets, shows on NTS Radio and sound work with award-winning visual artists. She is currently a resident at Somerset House Studios in London.

Although she is a mind-blowing DJ, Beatrice Dillon’s performance at MIRA will focus on her skills as a producer as she will be presenting her new album, set to be released during 2019. The perfect occasion to experience her subtle, intricate and completely distinctive way of approaching live club music.