BEGUN presents AMMA FILM Live 360º Fulldome A/V

He was part of MIRA 2013 line-up, and that is why and for his musical talent we are delighted to welcome back Begun, a composer who is happily installed in the wave born around 2011 and caused a creative explosion in the history of electronics in Barcelona. EPs ‘Shanghai‘ and ‘San Francisco‘, both edited in 2013, assumed the finding of an extremely sensitive talent that rested on the deepest emotions of this advanced composer
With the recently released ‘AMMA’ (Foehn Records), Begun takes a step forward in his career, the album is a trip to Africa through 12 songs, each titled with the name of a city. If the contrasts present in this new album -percussions, traditional instruments, vocal cuts, analog synthesizers and deep basses-, we add that his performance will be held at the MIRA Dome, with visual artist Marcel Bago and 360 format  for the first and only time, this is a show that promises to be an immersive, exciting and exclusive journey to the public at MIRA.