Beyond Interaction: Conversation with Xavi Tribó


⏱️ Thursday 9 

Xavi’s Lab is the outstanding Special Projects department of the prestigious Glassworks studio, created by Xavi Tribó to produce works using digital postproduction techniques that are far from traditional. In brilliant fashion, it works to create, execute and monitor high-quality content; projections, holograms and stereography are just some of the various artworks that this very special department crafts on a daily basis.
At MIRA 2017, scheduled for Thursday November 9th, Xavi Tribó will talk and be interviewed on his vision of tomorrow. Dedicated in part to the dissemination of the digital arts with the aim of offering his perspective of the present and the future, he will focus on the technologies that surround us now and those that will in the future, for example, the hyper-realistic simulators that they have tailor built for their clients. Even if it sounds cliché, the future is here.


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