Digital Arts Festival

/beyond/ – Live AV

Fran Mora is the thinking mind behind the moniker / beyond/, a talented and multifaceted artist who, in his case, for strongly obvious reasons : it appears as a long haul on the local scene , as founder of the label Urban Legend with Peer Shott , and as a collaborator and producer for other musicians.  Synth, samplers and software lover, his consolidation is a happy news for any lover of electronic dark and penetrating music.
In May, he presented at Discos Paradiso ‘Now I see there is light / beyond / darkness‘, its 12 “self-released debut,  and that will support his performance in MIRA 2016, for which we know he is preparing a Live AV Show with hardware systems, on the visual he will be supported by Piss & Laugh TV , in collaboration with Marta Barceló. This EP is, in his words, ‘a ritual search for an elusive promise of salvation through sound and emotional landscapes. ” Both for production and for their live performances, using material such as the Roland Juno-60 and Casio CZ, the SP 555 sampler Roland and Korg Volca Beats, Bass and Keys. All this gives, with a style very close to John Carpenter and industrial techno, an air between melancholy and brightness at the crossroads resulting from masterfull use of synths and reflect the influences of  English bass and emotionally and delicate music.