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Fabra i Coats
Saturday 09, Nov

Biosphere is the main recording alias of Geir Jenssen, a Norwegian musician who has made some of the most remarkable ambient music ever released. Best known for his suspenseful, glacial soundscapes and use of unique samples from natural environments, he is an absolute legend of the genre. His 1997 album “Substrata” is in practically all the “best ambient albums of all time” lists.

Jenssen has released a steady stream of music since his first release as Biosphere in 1991, as well as working on various soundtracks, collaborations, and putting out field recordings captured during some of his climbing expeditions—his love of mountaineering and high altitude regions being a clear influence on his work. 2019 will see the release of “The Senja Recordings”, a collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations recorded on the island of Senja (Arctic Norway), on his own Biophon Records label.

Biosphere’s performance at MIRA 2019 will be the Spanish premiere of his new A/V show, and will also mark his return to Barcelona after more than 15 years.