Blanck Mass feat. Dan Tombs


Saturday 09, Nov

Blanck Mass (aka Benjamin John Power) is an artist for whom the constraints of musical genres are non-existent, and who navigates his way through myriad sonic worlds with ease. As a founding member of Fuck Buttons, he has taken the primal energy of that band’s sound and honed his craft into something more otherworldly, concise and direct.

Since his self-titled debut album on Mogwai’s Rock Action label in 2011, the producer hasn’t taken a breath, releasing a string of EPs, singles, remixes, collaborations, and two further albums: “Dumb Flesh” (2015) and “World Eater” (2017). He has unleashed his fourth album “Animated Violence Mild” through Sacred Bones last August 2019. Its eight tracks are the diary of a year steeped in self-discovery, and in grief “for what we as a species have lost and handed over to our blood-sucking counterpart, consumerism…”

Blanck Mass’ performance at MIRA 2019 will feature live visual work by UK visual artist Dan Tombs—who also collaborates with artists such as Jon Hopkins, James Holden and Gold Panda—and will mark the Spanish premiere of their show.