Uncompromising, tenacious, dreamlike… Borusiade’s music is all these things and more. Born and raised in Bucharest and now based in Berlin, Miruna Boruzescu first emerged as one of the only female DJs and producers in her home city’s burgeoning alternative club scene. Influenced by a youth spent singing in Bucharest’s children’s choir and fascinated by the raw electronic sounds and approaches of the minimal wave, industrial and EBM schools, she began combining these elements in the search for a sound of her own.

Following singles and EPs on Correspondant and Cómeme, the culmination of this search eventually led to the recent release of her acclaimed first album “A Body” on Matias Aguayo’s label. It is a deeply poetic work in which her subtle yet ecstatic voice floats and dissolves amongst its somber, synthetic soundscapes, sparse rhythmical arrangements, pulsating bass lines and alluring melodies.

Borusiade will be presenting her latest work at MIRA 2018 with an entrancing live set in the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia.