Digital Arts Festival

Carles Castaño presents (: AlbondigasDeBollicao :)

Length: 25 minutes

Country: Spain

In a country where seeing the sun is very easy, there is a BAR/RESTAURANT/HOTEL/STREET/HOUSE that prepares exceptional dishes with very very special “ingredients”. Everyone needs to eat and this space meets the needs of some. The dishes are the stars of the place, without them nothing of what happens in this country would make sense where seeing the sun is very easy.

Resident in a cave under a beautiful forest, a simple but cozy cave, a place to rest and learn things while eating his favorite dishes and hugging his beloved kitten. Not all are good things: for some time there have been some very masculine men who are destroying the forest at inhuman rates. That is why c41582028 decided to come out of his cave, sometimes, to look for these men to whisper in their ears: that they smell a little bad and that they go to classes where they teach them to be a little more human. There are usually fights and these men ignore him and push him away trying to prevent him from even buying his favorite foods, thus having to leave the cave. c41582028 has no plans to leave the cave, so she is seeking help from everyone else who lives in caves to unite and build a very masculine forest-destroying anti-men super team… what will the future hold for this team? If you want to know, go to c41582028’s cave and ask him.