Digital Arts Festival

Carlos Sáez presents Dualmismo


Thursday 07, Friday 08, Saturday 09

Human meets machine, body meets soul, reality fades into virtuality… Dualmismo toys with the real and the virtual, while challenging Platonic dualism and testing our patterns of perception through the synchronisation of different light, video and sound effects. This installation highlights the capabilities of human beings to adapt to new levels of virtuality and to assume them as reality, two concepts that are becoming increasingly difficult to dissociate.

Carlos Sáez’s work engages with different aspects of the dialogue between human beings and technology. His practice oscillates between a wide range of media, creating a heterogeneous and multiform universe. His obsession with ghost hardware permeates his artistic activity, employing a visual language akin to science fiction thus converting abandoned machinery into future archeology. Carlos uses the aesthetic and functionalities implicit in each component to unveil the anachronistic stories trapped inside each piece.

Commissioned by MIRA, Dualmismo marks Saez’s first large format installation. We cannot wait to become immersed in it.