If we fuse the classical/folk education of his childhood, the hip-hop, jungle and techno influences of his youth and an adolescence during which dubstep and breakcore opened his mind to new forms, we get the eclectic combination of elements that make up Pau Encinas Laffitte’s sound. Raised surrounded by nature in a family of musicians, he now lives between the calm of the Catalan country and the intensity of Barcelona, a contrast which is clearly evident in both his person and his music.

Following various EPs and an LP on Barcelona-based label Disboot, Cauto recently released his second album “Sueño” on Ochomel, the artistic platform he co-founded in 2017. With its complex and intensely charged atmospheres loaded with echoes, syncopation, unquantised beats, euphoric breaks and heavy bass, it clearly embodies his constant search for a balance between experimentation and emotion.

His performance at MIRA 2018 will feature live work by visual artist Anton Babinski.