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Challenging Immersivity. Rountable with Adrian Waschmann, Sandrine Deumier, Myriam Bleau, V.P.M & Jordi Massó. Moderated by Lluís Nacenta


Wednesday 06, Nov

The new digital formats based on immersive experiences pose a challenge for contemporary artists. Individual experiences such as virtual reality, or collective ones such as domes/planetariums, need content, narratives, and tools that are still under development, both technologically and creatively. Among the most important challenges is the ability to connect with the user and generate an environment of virtual abstraction that allows us to unite body and mind, temporarily disconnecting us from reality.

This roundtable explores six projects that have faced the challenge of generating an immersive environment, while analysing the different phases of their creative processes. Sandrine Duemier and Myriam Bleau will speak of their Realness 360º audiovisual project; V.P.M. will speak of their Xpansion 360º audiovisual installation; while Jordi Massó will speak of his Smartzombies 360º film. The conversation will be moderated by Lluís Nacenta, director of

It is set to take place in IDEAL—Spain’s first digital arts centre—as part of the MIRA Festival + adidas Originals present THE NARRATIVES FOR IMMERSION event on 6 November.