Smashing together the sounds of menacing jungle and brooding ambient since the early 90s, Berlin-based German sonic alchemist Christoph De Babalon is a pioneer in the truest sense. His legendary 1997 LP “If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It”, originally released on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore label and finally reissued earlier this year on de Babalon’s own Cross Fade Enter Tainment, could be seen as a foretelling aesthetic blueprint, setting the levels and tone for the work of many well-known contemporary producers.

Throughout his relentless productions, dread-filled and blissful passages collide with rapid-fire bleeps and amen breaks, resulting in viscous, mutant soundscapes that will no doubt continue to pave the way for what’s to come.

Following an uncompromising career spanning more than 20 years, De Babalon’s sonic vision remains as clear as ever. In an exclusive performance accompanied by Marta Verde on live visual work, his live show at MIRA will mark his first in Barcelona since 2008. Considering the current state of affairs, the timing of his return could not be more fitting.