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Clark feat. Evelyn Bencicova


Fabra i Coats
Friday 08, Nov

In the history of contemporary UK electronic music, there is a select group of pioneering artists who have played major roles in shaping its present: Chris Clark is one of them. From accessible and melodic to challenging and dissonant, Clark’s sonic palette runs the gamut of textures and colours, his productions, techniques and approaches twisting and turning from one release to the next.

With a vast body of work that ranges from 10 albums, countless singles, EPs and remixes, to soundtracks for TV series and dance pieces, Clark has been producing and releasing music at a relentless pace since his first record on Warp in 2001. His latest album “Kiri Variations” (Throttle Records) presents a wonderful collection of mysterious and morbidly beautiful pieces driven by piano, harpsichord, clarinet, strings, electronics and voice, that began life as the score for the TV series Kiri.

Commissioned by MIRA, Clark’s performance will feature specially created visual work by Slovak artist Evelyn Bencicova, and will be constructed around new material and some of his classic tracks.