Claudia Maté presents “Down the shining hole”

IDEAL – Digital Arts Center

–> Claudia Maté works in a large area of new media and online-based works. Her works come from a variety of formats including programming, 3D, video, videogames, VR, GIF, and sound. She is Co-founder and curator at Her work manages to blend the familiar with the odd, and the futuristic with strange retro tropes. She has realized her ambition to fuse the internet and interactive 3D technology into an aesthetic that is non-ideological and defines a never-ending new aesthetic – into a surreal and pixelated world where anything is possible, and nothing is as it seems.

Mate’s works have been exhibited internationally in Spain, the USA, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Netherlands, Venezuela, Korea, Mexico, Greece, Czech Republic, Iran, Peru, Lithuania, UK and online.