Clon & NWRMNTC present META


Saturday 09, Nov

META is an immersive A/V performance by new media artist CLON (aka Estela Oliva) in collaboration with electronic music producer NWRMNTC (aka Ana Quiroga, formerly of LCC). Together they take the spectator to explore a parallel reality, a simulated world unfolding in real time through interconnected utopian/dystopian scenarios, on a journey into unfamiliar and disturbing spaces that question the power dynamics between human and virtual worlds.

Based in London, both artists are luminous forces in their own right: CLON through her explorations into science fiction and speculative scenarios, using new media to blend virtual and physical worlds, and NWRMNTC through her explorations into multimedia practices and new ways of sonic storytelling by means of mystical and experimental cinematic soundscapes.

META is presented in “first-person view”, transforming the audience into the main characters of the experience, in which they act as transient travellers in CLON’s world. Along this uncanny trip, the original soundtrack is performed live by NWRMNTC. We cannot wait to join them on this journey into the unknown.