Digital Arts Festival

Wednesday 06

h - Teatre Lliure de Gràcia

Colin Self presents Siblings


Colin Self is an artist, vocalist, choreographer, composer and activist who creates music, performances and environments as devices for disrupting binaries, expanding consciousness and altering the boundaries of perception. Born in a small town in Oregon and currently based in Berlin, their work seeks to generate and celebrate community, kinship and caring, refreshing the DIY ethos and transforming it into Do-It-Together.

Following various performance, choir and A/V projects (including being part of Holly Herndon’s live trio), Self’s second release “Siblings” (RVNG Intl., 2018) marks the culmination of “Elation”: a six-part trans-feminist opera about transfiguration and global uncertainty. Partly inspired by the work of pioneering feminist theorist Donna Haraway, both the album and its performance explore themes of alienation, empathy and the role of non-biological family, and questions how we can carry on collectively in the midst of social and environmental collapse.

Together with a string trio and a group of performers, Colin Self will present their latest work in the Teatre Lliure de Gràcia as part of MIRA 2019’s parallel activities.

The tickets for this concert + SOTE presents “SACRED HORROR IN DESIGN” feat. TARIK BARRI, ARASH BOLOURI and BEHROUZ PASHAHEI LIVE A/V (both taking place on 6 November) are not included in the Festival Pass. You can buy the tickets here. If you already have the Full Festival Pass for MIRA 2019, send us an email to info@mirafestival.com to receive a discount code and get it for a reduced price (while supplies last).