Comisarios de la Luz


⏱️ Saturday 11

Màgia Roja it’s a cultural association from the Gràcia neighbourhood that produces and promotes art from many different perspectives of a whole: they are a record label, a contracting agency, they organize conferences, workshops and weekly music sessions. In short, it’s a creative space that has become a point of reference for understanding what goes on in Barcelona’s underground world (in the better sense of the word), which we are happy to support.
Comisarios de la Luz is part of this wonderful association, leading music sessions that won’t be easily forgotten, both for the quality they distill and for the treasures that can be discovered. Coming to MIRA 2017, they will perform at the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia for a special set aiming to create a lounge with industrial, krautrock, folk and religious music, minimal synth, going through postpunk, dub and drone, a mix that will stimulate mind and body in the best of ways.