Comprehensive Thinkers For The Post-Anthropocene Artist Talk With Fara Peluso


Thursday 07, Nov

Berlin-based artist/designer Fara Peluso will present an overview of her work based on the interconnection between art, design and science. She will show how a new way to design is already possible through speculative methodology, replacing the single human being perspective with a whole system in which all living organisms are considered, and envisioning new ways of co-existing symbiotically. 

The main message Peluso seeks to transmit through her work is how artistic and design practices can function as mediators between science and the public in order to build a collective memory of the effects of the Anthropocene, and thus prepare us for a post-anthropocene existence. She will present her work through an interactive laboratory in which the public will be able to interact with some of her DIY bio-tech materials, many of them stemming from her extended research into biological processes and new forms of relationships between human beings and other living organisms, including algae and fungi.