Digital Arts Festival

Correspondant presents Jennifer Cardini + Andre Bratten + Carreno is LB

The label will have a special place where it’s creator will disembark with Jennifer Cardini, together with Andre Bratten and Carreno is LB. She does not need much introduction: she has played in every corner of the world and has launched this label because of her long homonymous residence in Rex Club, the parisian room. Among her upcoming projects there is the launching of a series of LPs with the participation of artists from her label.

Meanwhile, Andre Bratten will put his Scandinavian touch to the equation, making manifest his love for synthesizers, and we can get an idea of his work if we review the releases “Be A Man You Ant”, which challenges limits founding inspiration as a response. And the third character of this display is the young Carreno is LB, which has been conditioned by a paranormal trend in his productions, and has been signed by Items & Things and Correspondant to give more signs of his strong and quirky personality, which will probably bring a breath of fresh air to the dance floor.


Correspondant Soundcloud

Jennifer Cardini Soundcloud

Andre Bratten Soundcloud

Carreno is LB Soundcloud

Saturday 15 – Razzmatazz