French DJ, producer and vocalist coucou chloe inhabits a thoroughly modern soundworld that has gestated online yet manifests itself primarily in the club. A resident of both London and NTS Radio, she creates from sensuous and narcotic hip-hop bangers—complete with her mutated vocal raps—to playfully experimental four to the floor excursions, yet always with a twist.

Following her first EP “Halo” on Creamcake, coucou chloe released her second, critically acclaimed EP “Erika Jane” in the autumn of 2017 on NUXXE, the label she co-runs, featuring production by Sega Bodega and a collaboration with Swedish experimentalist Kablam. At once sensual and hard-hitting, its six tracks immerse the listener into a futuristic environment in which de(re)humanised voices and new school production techniques conjure the ghosts of futures past.

She will be arriving at MIRA 2018 to channel the essence of her latest work in a performance that will be both energetic and dark.