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CSFCMMCAB stands for “Correspondències Simbòliques entre Folklore Catòlic i Música makina a al Casc Antic de Barcelona”, a project conceived and developed by Marc O’Callaghan, also known for his post-industrial music project “Coàgul” from 2019 after being selected in the Capella’s “BCN Producció” call for proposals. The prescriptive formula can be summarised as follows: 1. To compile systems of correspondences that allow precise translations between symbolic contingents and musical elements. 2. Applying these systems to the Catholic iconography of the Old Quarter of Barcelona in order to speculate geolocalised scores. 3. Sonify these scores synaesthetically according to the stylistic canons of musica màkina.

Under these premises and placing the emphasis on the spatial-temporal coordination between sound and image, Marc O’Callaghan will be in charge of the live music through the recombination of microtonal beats and hardtrance “goigs”, and Jonathan Cremades will be in charge of the live visuals through the recombination of religious imagery and synchronous diagramming through his characteristic cross-media video-processing.