Digital Arts Festival

Death in Vegas Live AV

Death In Vegas was born as a result of a complaint against Dead Elvis, the name of the seminal group that would later become the one lead by London raised Richard Fearless since its founding in 1994. With a sound influenced by the more experimental dance electronica -Fearless was the resident dj in Heavenly Social club- but always respecting the rock and roll band line up, DIV broke schemes with ‘Scorpio Rising’ (Concrete, 2002), an album with an indie electronic background that quickly became a wrenching proposal.


After several changes in the band and some breaks between the publication of their albums, in 2002 they returned with ‘Hands Around My Throath’ -published on his own label, Drone Records-, where the band placed itself definitely in electronic music’s field. At MIRA they will perform live -with a set of own visuals, such a very important part in all their shows- several unreleased tracks along their latest album, ‘Transmissions’ (Drone, 2016). Sequencers, synths, percussions and delays collide to make an experimental, cold, and metallic sound pretty present in this live-recorded work. We can find the poetic landscapes of the surrounding that give it an emotional air, euphoric at times and distressing others, and some visceral techno, Krautrock and discordant drones in the middle of a long-time created AV show for a tour that will stop in Barcelona for the first time.