Dedekind Cut & Micki Pellerano


⏱️ Saturday 11

US artists Dedekind Cut (formerly Lee Bannon) and Micki Pellerano will hold the world premiere of their AV show at MIRA 2017. A mind-blowing live show where the mix of D Cut’s atmospheric and catchy musical talents and Pellerano’s artistic visuals promise to create a journey towards a new audiovisual world.
Dedekind Cut is one of the world’s key experimental jungle and ambient figures, who stands out for his dark, volatile and unpredictable textures that led to his excellent debut, ‘$uccessor’ (ded004, 2016), combining ambient with new age beats. For his part, Micki Pellerano is a prestigious visual artist, photographer and filmmaker who has exhibited his works and photos across the world and made three feature length films.