Digital Arts Festival

Design that minds


⏱️ Thursday 9

The first part of the Conferences will draw us into the world of design: exhibition, reflection and conversation with 3 international studios on why and the meaning of some of their projects on science, nature, citizen participation projects, criticism and social improvement.

We’ll discover why these projects are important to them, why they decided to make them, what their challenges were, what they learned with their realization.

Participating studios will be:

Dvein: Collaborative collective formed in Barcelona in 2007 that pushes the boundaries of live-action and CGI storytelling, led by creative directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo. With background in arts and design, they combine the physical world with the digital to create visual effects that are infused with their own distinctive and organic aesthetic.

Domestic Data Streamers: Represented by Pau García, one of its founders, DDS was born with the goal of creating new forms of communication through the storytelling of data regardless of language and cultural differences and using design, art, science and technology. On their team there are anthropologists, psychologists, engineers and designers from around the world.

Sebastián Baptista: Creative director with over 15 years of experience and focused in motion design, animation and mixed media content, first in his native Uruguay, then already in Barcelona, he has worked with Google, Animation for a Cause and CNN, among others.