DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess


Saturday 09, Nov

A voice screams “help!”, what seems like the synthesised offspring of a Shepard tone and an airplane engine comes in underneath, followed by pummelling percussion, auto-tuned voices, gabber-style kick drums, and then, Syrian dabke music into footwork?!? And that’s only within the first ten minutes… The fact is that when DJ Marcelle steps behind her three turntables, everything becomes beautiful and entrancing in its chaos and unpredictability, as she takes listeners and dancers on a journey to the edge of ecstatic sonic psychosis.

Parallel to her spellbinding DJ sets and enlightening radio shows, over the past 15 years she has also released a steady stream of mixtapes, CDrs and mix sessions on the Faust-associated label Klangbad, and, more recently, her own plunderphonic productions on her Jahmoni Music label. All these sourced from her mind-blowing, monumental collection comprised of 20,000 records and counting.

Liberation from the constraints of the norm is key to DJ Marcelle’s approach. In her own words: “Going my own way is the story of my life.” We’ll happily dance beside her all the way.