Many only know Sherard Ingram by his eyes, gazing out from his black balaclava. Perhaps best known for his association with Drexciya, for whom he was tour selector, DJ Stingray is as Detroit as techno itself. The now cult DJ was part of the city’s second wave, but somehow remained an outsider, and it wasn’t until the ’10s that the international scene began to recognise his distinctive talents.

Electro is more than back and DJ Stingray has always been there, never diluting his sound or approach one bit. His rapid fire, rugged djing style and countless mixes and releases on labels as varied as Planet E, Rephlex, Unknown To The Unknown and Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? have made him one of Detroit’s most uncompromising producers and selectors. Ingram’s contribution to the music of the Motor City and beyond can never be understated.

At MIRA 2018, DJ Stingray will grant us the honour of playing the closing set in the 3D Sound Room.