DJohnston plays Music for Hubble with Marcel Bagó


⏱️ Thursday 9 

DJohnston is one of the best national DJs and an old acquaintance of the DJ booths in Barcelona’s clubs, where he began more than a decade ago in BeCool (later becoming the programmer) and currently also as DJ and programmer in Razzmatazz Clubs and MIRA. This time he moves away from dance to experiment in diametrically opposite terrains and to realize a ambient and contemplative set in the MIRA Dome by Adidas Originals.
The set, which will be held on Thursday, November 9, will be accompanied by images recorded by the Hubble telescope, projected in 360º and mixed live by the great visual creator Marcel Bagó, which is a unique opportunity to see these two local talents at MIRA 2017 performing together for the first time. A real journey for those who want to enjoy an experience where dreaming is more certainly allowed.


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