Does Work presents Unnoticed Identities


Thursday 07, Friday 08, Saturday 09

Unnoticed Identities by Barcelona-based design studio Does Work is a performative site-specific installation that deals with identity and the traces left by our body and our information when we exist and perform collectively. 

In their own words: “When we think about the term identity we think about what we are. The idea of conceiving and understanding this term could be considered equivalent to Aristotle’s conception of essence: the one that refers to “being this or being that”. Humans have always attempted to know more, to see more, beyond their own biology. The idea of understanding what can’t be seen is feeding what we call the technologies of control.”

Does Work is a design and consultancy practice led by Saúl Baeza that explores the potentials of identity in different scales and media by combining design, research, academic, curatorial and editorial activities, developing concepts that involve materials and technologies with body and mind.