Elysia Crampton – Live AV

Elysia Crampton is a Bolivian-raised, Virginia-based (USA) artist, away from anything that might sound like mainstream and owner of a life full of exciting chapters, some of them individual, others more collective. With a staging halfway between the most poetic, activistic performance and pure electronic live set, her palette is covered in a production based on a classical training in piano and founded on the first tracks published under the moniker E+E -songs that are love letters to ex-boyfriends and very difficult to find, neither online-. Consolidated with a sound that always includes great collaborations, acappellas, samplers and political manifestos as background letters, Crampton is an artist to take into account because of her talent, creativity and the greatness of her proposal.


Although it may seem surprising given her artistic history, it was not until August 2015 that debuted with the LP ‘American Drift’ (Blueberry Recordings). And this July Break World Records published the second, ‘Demon City’, a record where she’ll cement her performance at MIRA 2016. We are talking about a set that adds her own visual stuff and promises to be anything but predictable, a gift for all those who want to see first hand an scenic beast that moves between theatricality, activism and electronic music.