Raúl Berrueco is a digital designer, art director, visual artist, video-mapper, pixel art drawer and motion clips creator. He has also been curator and organizer of lectures and workshops on operational systems and video games, often at the legendary Hangar in Poble Nou. And he is a great fan of the lowfi/8bit world. Santander-born and now resident in Barcelona, his show AV ‘Church of Whatever‘ along with musician RNXRX is one of his most groundbreaking, politically incorrect, rebel and creative summits for obvious reasons yet we don’t know if the Vatican is aware of it.
However, what brings him to MIRA 2016 is his job as a VJ, which has taken him through Europe exhibiting an incontestable punk attitude of one man who has played, broken and experienced during his childhood with mythical clunkers as Spectrum, Commodore or Game Boy. Always following the beat of techno and showing a personal narrative that connects from the beginning to the viewer, both for the quality of the visuals and the story inside them, that DIY attitude so essential in 8bit is presumed perfect for climbing scene and performing a unique ultra AV Show alongside another genius of the minority, the mysterious Gesloten Cirkel.