Evian Christ


Since his emergence in early 2012, Evian Christ has represented an innovative force on the electronic music scene. With an uncanny ability to move between the mainstream and the underground, the British artist has found inspiration in eurodance anthems, big stadium EDM, hardstyle genres, and deconstructed club music.

Born Joshua Leary, he has worked on an eclectic and idiosyncratic range of projects, including production work for major labels – his early self-released tracks earned him production credits on Kanye West’s seminal Yeezus – frenetic DJ sets and strobe-laden festival shows, esoteric art installations, EPs, mixtapes and his cult club nights, that embodies his vision of trance music as a vehicle for abstract serenity and violence with extreme lighting set-ups and fog effects.

At MIRA, Evian Christ will present the spectacular Live A/V of Revanchist, a show designed and directed by his regular artistic collaborator Emmanuel Biard.