Digital Arts Festival

Eyesberg – 360º fulldome visuals

Video art, Interactivity, VJing, Projection Mapping, Kinect … taking a look at Barcelona-based Eyesberg’s website is an excellent exercise in order to recognize that creative laboratory has a uniquely literal sense, especially so appealing to them. Martina Ampuero and José Valiña, video artists and, among other more facets, immersive and interactive installations’ designers, lead a solid project that is happily influenced by the explosion of new technologies. Elegantly and sustained over time, this artistic collective has combined the creation and production of works in various formats, in spaces with measures and features such that have allowed them, after studying techniques, software and other digital arts, to have an extensive, high quality portfolio always hand in hand with the unstoppable technological transformation. 
For this edition of MIRA, they will put a sign in visuals in a show created for the occasion together with musician Pauk, especially in 360º format. This is a story in itself because we are facing a unique collaboration between two names of the local scene being, without any hint of doubt, very attractive figures that will offer a perfect performance for the audience to experience from firsthand MIRA Dome’s main goal: total immersivity through a surrounding audiovisual show.