London 2018: The Windrush scandal, Grenfell Tower, Brexit, deportation, surveillance, class violence… GAIKA’s art reflects on the contemporary conflicts of his native city and beyond, diffracting them through a “collection of alchemical parables for all the Immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves”, inviting the listener/witness to become immersed in a shared historical narrative with blackness at its core.

Continuing with the construction of this narrative, and following a string of acclaimed mixtapes, EPs, performances and installations, the Brixton-born artist recently released his debut album via Warp. “Basic Volume” is a fascinating blend of gothic dancehall and industrial electronics partly inspired by British soundsystem culture and features production by the likes of Dutch E Germ, SOPHIE, Jam City, Nick Leon and Dre Skull.

For his performance at MIRA 2018, GAIKA will be presenting the Spanish premiere of his most recent work in the form of an intense A/V show.