Digital Arts Festival

Games with a purpose


⏱️ Thursday 9

The fourth and last part of the Conferences on Thursday, November 9, will be a round table with international studies that create video games beyond entertainment, always with a purpose and a social critics behind their technological creations.

Moderated by Jordi Sellas, the guests of the table will be:

Claudia Molinari from We are muesli: Graphic designer, illustrator and art director, she began her career in 2004 in Italy and later got into the design of video games industry. Her passion for the visual identity provided her with a solid experience in research trends, iconography and typography, aspects that have led her to be a teacher, speaker and lecturer on topics related to art and narrative in video game design.

Monica Rikic: New media artist and creative coder of Barcelona, Monica focuses her practice in the code, electronics and non-digital objects to create interactive works as experimental games. Since educational approaches to sociological experiments, her interest is in the dishierarchyzation of traditional relationships in art.

Irene Navarro from BemyHuman, an artist who works with virtual effects, video games, creative retouching and art direction. They have a new concept of entertainment focused on video games.