Gesloten Cirkel – Live

Gesloten Cirkel is one of the few active electronic artists who prefer anonymity -and a mask onstage, rather than the neon lights. Few lucky ones have attended one of his dj sets, and even fewer who have seen him do a live set. This mysterious musician has produced little but very good material, making small masterpieces linked to the highest level in genres such as acid, electro and techno.
Also known as Ratsnake, his first EP was released in 2009 by Murder Capital, owned by the legendary I-f and from whom the legend tells that raised the label only to record the music of this contemporary artist who sounds unquestionably old-school. Until the premiere of ‘Submit X’ (Murder Capital, 2014), he’d exchanged long stoppages with exceptional deliveries for Berceuse Heroique and Moustache Techno, discs now sold for 10 times their original price.
We are very pleased to announce that, for the first time in Barcelona, he will present a literally exclusive performance, the unknown genius will be part of the MIRA’s line up with an original, live set very consistent in its execution, utterly personal, totally transgenre and definitely only available to an artist already considered by many as of cult. Promote collaborations among musicians and visual artists on stage is one of the priorities at MIRA as a digital art event. In this case, this results in the incorporation of Barcelona-based visual artist Entter, thereby creating an exclusive and unique AV show for the festival audience.