Digital Arts Festival

Goto80 & Jacob Remin present INFINITE ACID MACHINE


Goto80 is an artist, performer and researcher who has worked with 8-bit music and text-mode graphics since the 1990s. He started in the demoscene subculture, moved on to live performances and record releases and later turned to academic research and art. In his recent art works, he has explored music making as labour and the composer as a worker.

Jacob Remin is an artist and engineer, composer and designer. Central to his praxis is collaboration and infrastructural critique, with a special focus on the intersection between late capitalism and the algorithmic potential of the internet and computers everywhere. His praxis manifests itself through the meeting between light, space, sculpture and composition, and he has been working together with Goto80 making robotic music since 2017.

Infinite Acid Machine is a robot group that plays acid music and visuals. The robots are small, but they seem to raise big concerns. Is creativity being automatized and are they stealing our jobs? On the other hand, the Infinite Acid Machine seems to be a stupid solution to a non-existent problem. Why would anyone use a one-fingered robot to do something that human hands and MIDI can do so much better?

At MIRA, the robots will play on their own throughout the festival, and will be joined by the artists for an improvised performance both evenings.