Güiro Meets Rusia – Live AV

The kosmische scene is experiencing a great moment at the national level and the Valencian band Güiro Meets Russia, which debuted in April with Dystopia (Verlag System, 2016), are a good proof. Supporters of guitars and synths metal riffs and sci-fi flavors, GMR are Valencian duo Juanvi Fortea and Francisco León and influenced by the IDM, soundscapes and experimental psychedelia.
GMR is characterized by an elaborate production, based on cosmic sounds, ambient passages and experimental structures; It has been defined by The Wire as “a wraparound universe formed from expansive, atmospheric landscapes and repetitive and hypnotic sounds.” For his debut in Barcelona they will accompany their music with selfmade visuals, suggestive projections that are clearly intended to bring the viewer into another state, an AV show in the most literal sense.