Hamill Industries presents Vortex

Hamill Industries presents Vortex, a light-and-smoke geometric matrix reacting to sound and generating series of patterns more and more complex every time. Lights turn on synchronized with music, and a central box creates a smoke vortex that touches ground through a melody’s rythm. This work of digital art will fill a whole Fabra i Coats’ room while creating an extraordinaire immersive experience for MIRA’s audience.


H.I. is a Barcelona-based creative studio formed by Pablo Barquín and Anna Díaz, art directors passionate about all kind of media and new media as well as for the combination between old and new techniques. They are focused on conceptualization, design and development, and their clients go from companies and institutions to festivals. They also create audiovisual projects -like Floating Points’ visual stuff-, installations, videoclips, ads, motion control systems and shows. All of this, made through long-lasting hours in front of their computers and manual work.